Co-production Week 2017

Co-production Week 2017

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Listen to real life experiences and the barriers that people face

By Cecilia Mercier, SCIE's Co-production Team 

My name is Cecilia Mercier, I have a learning difficulty. I work at SCIE and I am an Admin Support Assistant on the Co-Production team. 

We need Co-Production otherwise the help, support and services that people get will not be very good.  They will not meet the needs of the person.  You need to hear people’s real life experiences and the barriers that people face to know what works and what does not work.

At SCIE I have done some talks and training. I think me being a part of this is good because I know a lot about how to meet people with learning difficulties needs and the barriers that they face.  I feel like I can give something back, that my knowledge is valued and that I can be an expert in some areas.   

It is important that service users and carers come together with other professional as equals.  This means that no one is better than anyone else.  If all services are co-produced then the lives of the people who use these services would be so much better.  How could anyone think about designing a service without actually talking to and involving people who use the service.     

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